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“Unleashed,” our debut album, highlights a wide range of music styles and our desire to go beyond the traditional. We have included modern tunes, original compositions, and a few old traditional favorites.

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Thanks for buying our music. We hope you groove to it in the car, at the stove, in the shower, or during a party. Let us know what you think!

  1. Tom Busby’s − Prius Envy (Colleen Reed) − Pull the Knife and Stick It Again …4:34
  2. Bus Stop (Anita Anderson) − The Bus Driver (Larry Unger, BMI) − Dancing at Lughnasa (McGuinness/ Whelan Music) …5:37
  3. Old Maid of Galway − Sporting Paddy …2:59
  4. Blackberry Winter (Al White) …3:37
  5. SqueeGee Rag (Kathy Frey Kerr) − Old Joe …3:01
  6. Scully Casey’s − Seanamhac Tube Station (John Carty) − Eman Acnuck - Tar Road to Sligo …6:13
  7. The Vortex (Concertworks Music, ASCAP) − Rainy Night in Montague (George Reynolds) …4:22
  8. Trip to Dingle (Blackbox Music) − Coral Riff (Epact Music, BMI) …4:19
  9. Diane’s Waltz (Larry Unger, BMI) …2:55
  10. Larksinam Jig (Liz Donaldson © 1991) − Glen Echo Jig (Larry Unger, BMI) − Dinky’s Reel …5:05
  11. Mariposa (Floating Bridge Music) − Raccoon Ate the Snake (Laura Lengnick) − Cat Peed on the Snake (Gypsy Meltdown) …4:45
  12. Tuttle’s Groove …2:42